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MediaWiki Maintenance

The .sql scripts in this directory are not intended to be run standalone, although this is appropriate in some cases, e.g. manual creation of blank tables prior to an import.

Most of the PHP scripts need to be run from the command line. Prior to doing so, ensure that the LocalSettings.php file in the directory above points to the proper installation.

Certain scripts will require elevated access to the database. In order to provide this, first create a MySQL user with "all" permissions on the wiki database, and then place their username and password in an AdminSettings.php file in the directory above. See AdminSettings.sample for specifics on this.

Brief explanation of files

A lot of the files in this directory are PHP scripts used to perform various maintenance tasks on the wiki database, e.g. rebuilding link tables, updating the search indices, etc. The files in the "archives" directory are used to upgrade the database schema when updating the software. Some schema definitions for alternative (as yet unsupported) database management systems are stored here too.

The "storage" directory contains scripts and resources useful for working with external storage clusters, and are not likely to be particularly useful to the vast majority of installations. This directory does contain the compressOld scripts, however, which can be useful for compacting old data.

Maintenance scripts

As noted above, these should be run from the command line. Not all scripts are listed, as some are Wikimedia-specific, and some are not applicable to most installations.

changePassword.php Reset the password of a specified user

cleanupSpam.php Mass-revert insertion of linkspam

deleteOldRevisions.php Erase old revisions of pages from the database

dumpBackup.php Backup dump script

dumpHTML.php Produce an HTML dump of a wiki

importDump.php XML dump importer

importImages.php Imports images into the wiki

importTextFile.php Imports the contents of a text file into a wiki page

nukePage.php Wipe a page and all revisions from the database

reassignEdits.php Reassign edits from one user to another

rebuildImages.php Update image metadata records

rebuildMessages.php Update the MediaWiki namespace after changing site language

rebuildtextindex.php Rebuild the fulltext search indices

refreshLinks.php Rebuild the link tables

removeUnusedAccounts.php Remove user accounts which have made no edits

runJobs.php Immediately complete all jobs in the job queue

update.php Check and upgrade the database schema to the current version



  • importDump.php 导入
  • refreshLinks.php 更新链接
  • initStats.php 更新统计信息
  • moveBatch.php 批量移动
  • deleteBatch.php 批量删除
  • generateSitemap.php 生成google sitemaps文件
  • rebuildtextindex.php 重新生成全文检索(需在AdminSettings.php中设置用户名、密码)
  • rebuildrecentchanges.php 重新生成最近更新
  • rebuildall.php rebuildtextindex+rebuildrecentchanges+refreshLinks